Before incorporate the company, it has to think whether we need below items for running the business so that we can be sure something is ready before place your money for the company incorporation!

Office – Do you need to meet client usually? Need a Physical office? Is Business Centre or Co-working space enough for the beginning and get a physical office afterward? *Email us for the right place to start!*
Website – A good website bring you a lot of business and also a way to promote your business as well. It has to be ready and show to client any time once the goods & services launch to the market. Tell us what you want to show to your customer. *A good website can be done by our professional designer & programmer.*
Name Card – Do you think name card can present the company image at the first glance? *Our name card also designed by a good designer and got many good comments on it!*
Tele-line – Do you need a separate tele number for the company used? *We provide a separate tele-line for our client under their own company name. Check with us for the price and detail!*

Office address & Mails – You may work at home eventually but still need a business address to start your business & receive mails? *You can use our office address as a business correspondence address. We will inform you in every single mail when we received.*